Hayy is a social network that connects individuals with high morals and integrity. People that have a purpose and want to motivate others to do better. 

We created Hayy because we believe that there are still people who don’t curse, drink alcohol, listen to abusive rap, or any music with profanity. Who are against war, social injustice, and shooting people. If you are one of them, join Hayy to meet new people and make meaningful connections while sharing your beliefs and opinions with other Hayy users within our social platform.

There is still hope and good people, you just have to find them. Try Hayy now!


Find like-minded people with integrity that support the same causes and have the same values as you. Ditch the meaningless friendships and meet people with high morals as you.


Chat within Heyy and connect on a deeper level. Support your causes, discuss, debate, or meet in real life. Hayy is the platform where you can find people that inspire you.


Share posts in the form of text and photos, and categorize your posts by adding cause badges such as Against War, Against Social Injustice, and more! Alternatively, promote yourself and your cause/passion with our Success Stories features.


Scroll your Hope Wall on Hayy and like and comment on posts that are relevant to you. Give support where due, and search for relevant content by keywords with our “Search” feature.


– meet new people 

– filter profiles by Women, Men, Both

– chat with your Hayy connections

– post photos, videos

– categorize your posts

– promote yourself with a success story

– like and comment on posts

– search for posts and people 

– get notifications for important updates such as connection requests, likes, and comments

Join Hayy and become a part of the movement that celebrates high values in life such as ethics and high morals. We welcome people from all over the world, and all religions. 

A social network app for individuals with high morals and who are against Cursing, Shooting other people and bad Rap music.